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Monday, 18 April 2016
  NonStop Workshops

YUMA: Opening NonStop for IB Hybrid Applications


Prashanth Kamath U, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Michael Horst & Thomas Burg, comForte21

Java Application Server on NonStop
Slides on request to

Franz König & Cor Geboers, HPE
  Non NonStop Workshops

3PAR and OneView - with live demonstration (Part I - Basics)

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

3PAR and OneView - with live demonstration (Part II - advanced features)

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

VSI OpenVMS Roadmap

Camiel Vanderhoeven, VMS Software

VSI's Open Source Strategy

Camiel Vanderhoeven, VMS Software

Moving to VSI VMS V8.4-2

Colin Butcher, XDelta Limited
Dienstag, 19. April 2016
  NonStop Presentations

Applications which are already ported on NonStop X

Ulf Syversten, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

NonStop SQL/MX - "A State of the Union"

Frans Jongma, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Smart Platform, aka TGDS in Telecom Italia

Gianfranco Pampado, Telecom Italia

NonStop Keynote: Future Vision

Andrew Bergholz, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Another first: ING's server migration 2.0

Jeroen Wallaard, ING Bank

Modern Architectures
Slides on request to

Franz König, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

"The Machine", Update

Peter Kraft, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Protect Your Digital Enterprise

Albert Biketi, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

HPE SecureData and NonStop

Prashanth Kamath U, HPE
  OpenVMS Presentations

Introduction to the x86 Architecture

Camiel Vanderhoeven, VMS Software

Update on Porting OpenVMS to x86

Camiel Vanderhoeven, VMS Software

OpenVMS VSI Compilers Future Directions

Camiel Vanderhoeven, VMS Software

Running and managing Oracle databases on OpenVMS

Christian Moser, Maklee Engineering

Oracle Rdb and Oracle Database on OpenVMS Product Update

Kevin Duffy, Oracle

OpenVMS Performance Sandbox

Christian Moser, Maklee Engineering

HPE Synergy

Lisa Kolkmann, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

HPE OneView

Lisa Kolkmann, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Winning Mission Critical & Business Analytics Markets

Dr. Feixiong Liu, INTEL

Intel Data Center Technology

Dr. Feixiong Liu, INTEL
    Überwachung und Update via HP OneView Jason Castor, Universität Münster
  Vendor Presentations
    XGATE Data Protection - security without the headaches
Rob Lesan, XYPRO
    Reducing Downtime and Eliminating Risk with HPE Shadowbase Paul J. Holenstein, Gravic
    Modern Operation Management - Web Viewpoint Plus & more
Khody Khodayari, Idelji & Marcus Pullen, HPE
    Hybrid is today! InfiniBand-Enable your applications
(no slides available as flipchart was used)
Thomas Burg, comForte21
Mittwoch, 20. April 2016
  NonStop Presentations

NonStop Virtualization Prototype

Andrew Bergholz, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
    Mission impossible? Protecting BASE24's data-at-rest with tokenization and without code change
Michelle West, TD Bank

A brave new world

David McLeod, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Migrating an application from JBOSS and JSE to NonStop

Moore Ewing, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

NonStop Product Portfolio

Prashanth Kamath U, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

High availability security controls for NonStop data encryption

Mark Bower, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

MQ V8 on NonStop: Update

David Ward, IBM

Scout Through the jungle of Service Portals

Marcus Pullen, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  OpenVMS Presentations

LAN Drivers Performance Improvements

Camiel Vanderhoeven, VMS Software
    OpenVMS and Security - getting even more grip on your security with Pointsecure or NDC
Gerrit Woertman, VMSConsultancy

OpenVMS hypervised

Raimund Arch, artedi e.U.

OpenVMS "Support News"

Thilo Lauer, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

NXTWare Remote and NXTMonitor

Gerrit Woertman, VMSConsultancy

Transformatiion to Service Broker, Cloud and DevOps operating

Annemarie Bruhns, HPE

Virtualisation and Cloud Services

Colin Butcher, XDelta Limited

HPE 3PAR Update

Adam Tekieli, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
    Einführung HP 3PAR Peer Persistence Tobias Jordan, Universität Münster
  Vendor Presentations
    Performance Management - In-house and Cloud Khody Khodayari, Idelji & Marcus Pullen, HPE
    The OmniPayments Preauthorization Engine – the Fraud Blocker
Yash Kapadia, OmniPayments
    Stromasys 2.0 Dirk Lobo Gines, Stromasys
    Protect-X - Automated NonStop Security Hardening and More Callum Barclay, CSP Computer Security Products
    SQLXPress - NonStop database management the modern way Rob Lesan, XYPRO
    Taking tokenization and application trans-parent data protection
to the next level

Henning Horst, comForte21
    HPE Shadowbase Product Suite Update
Paul J. Holenstein, Gravic