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Monday, 8 April 2024
  14:00 Peter Haase, JiT2000 Ges. für Risikoanalysen mbH
Using AI for Better Use of NonStop Documentation
  16:00 Rob Leson - XYPRO (remote) PCI/DSS Requirements in 2024

Martin Vorländer

PDV Systeme GmbH
Andreas Kämpfe - AlphaProp

Hands-on Workshop
Installation of OpenVMS on VMplayer and Oracle Virtualbox


Peter Ranisch IT Consulting GmbH

OpenVMS and OpenSource
Tuesday, 9 April 2024
  Presentations to HPE NonStop
  10:15 Volodymyr Saviak - HPE AI/ML models development & training tools
by Hewlett Packard Enterprise

  10:15 Graham Rogers - HPE Digital Resilience - Gap Analysis and DORA
  11:30 Ian Inglis - HPE NonStop Roadmap Q2 2024
  1. Khody Khodayari – Idelji
iManAIge – AI to manage your NonStop and IBM z/O
  14:00 Prashanth Kamath - HPE Digital Resilience ( Protect your precious data and have a credible plan to recover in case of a Ransomware attack)
  14:00 Ian Richardson, Striim Safeguarding Transactions: AI-Driven Fraud Detection Intelligence with Striim and HPE

Vedant "Vito" Shrivastava- Idelji

Holger Villringer – HPE.

Smart Operations: Web ViewPoint Enterprise, Payment and VM Monitors, Automated Analytics, and AI genesis
  16:00 Prashanth Kamath - HPE Digital Resilience: Protect your precious data but have a credible plan to recover data if needed
  Vendor Presentations to HPE NonStop

Ron Meijer

Continuous NonStop IT Solution

HPE NonStop Education

Gustavo Cavazos

NuWave Technologies

Integration of HPE NonStop with Modern Applications

Yash Kapadia

OmniPayments LLC

OmniPayments Google Cloud success story for VISA, MasterCard, Amex and Fraud Management. Splunk, Kafka, Offender, System Monitors for NonStop customers

Richard Buckle
Cofounder and CEO

Pyalla Technologies LLC

Resilience: Fueling NTI’s Continuous Adaptation
  14:45 Henry Fonseca - CSP Computer Security Products, Inc. Securing NonStop Applications with CSP
  14:45 Kenneth Scudder - Gravic, Inc. Advanced Data Resilience and Recovery for Mission Critical Systems with HPE Shadowbase Software

Steve Tcherchian

XYPRO Technology Corporation

Cybersecurity Strategies for Ransomware Protection and Digital Resilience in Today's Threatscape
  16:45 Greg Swedosh - 4Tech Software Cyber Resilience Tokenization and some Regulatory Compliance thrown in
  Presentations to OpenVMS
  10:15 Jan Magnusson - VSI Business update
  11:30 Camiel Vanderhoeven - VSI Technical update

Karl-König Königsson

Mimer Information Technology AB

Mimer SQL for OpenVMS on x86
  14:00 Norm Lastovica - Software Concepts International, LLC SCI Experience since the dawn of OpenVMS on x86
  14:45 Camiel Vanderhoeven - VSI What we (I) learned from the port
16:00 Camiel Vanderhoeven - VSI OpenVMS across 4 architectures
  16:45 Kevin Duffy - Oracle (remote)

Oracle Rdb Product Family Update


Dr. Michael Roßbach

comforte AG

As Time Goes By: A Review of more than 40 years with NonStop

Jan Fischer

Project Lead Gaia-X Germany

Gaia-X: How data-driven business models in decentralised data ecosystems could secure Europe as an industrial location
  16:45 Xavier Poisson Gouyou Beauchamps - HPE HPE supports Gaia-X goal that fits with our edge-to-cloud platform as a service vision
Wednesday, 10 April 2024
  Presentations to HPE NonStop
  08:30 Lars Plum, Arun Fernandez - HPE

HPE Virtualized NonStop Continues the Journey to the Cloud

  08:30 Marcus Pullen - HPE

NonStop Services when You Need Them

  09:15 Lars Plum - HPE Kernel Level Threading - a performance kicker -
  09:15 Kenneth Scudder - Gravic Inc. HPE Shadowbase Solutions: Maximize NonStop Digital Resiliencewith Data Replication, Integration andValidation
  10:30 Frans Jogma - HPE Standards and automation: the key to velocity in setting up databases
  10:30 Prashanth Kamath - HPE NonStop as a Service: A path to Hybrid cloud for NonStop workloads
  11:15 Franz König - HPE The Art of the Possible 2024
  14:00 Arun Fernandes, Lars Plum - HPE Next Generation Infrastructure Solution

Jeroen Wallaard, Jan van der Lelij


HPE NonStop systems management using Azure DevOps and Ansible and a live patching & reconfiguring “Safepoint” demo, presented by ING
  14:45 Bert van Es
Continuous NonStop IT Solutions
What is the NonStop Crown Jewel?
A closer look at the NonStop Kernel

  14:45 Martin Lomax - HPE HPE GreenLake for Payments
  Vendor Presentations to HPE NonStop

Shiva Subramanian

TCM Solutions

NonStop, Evolution through Modernisation
  09:15 Mike Mitsch - ETI-NET HPE Data Backup & Management Solutions: Delivering Digital
Resilience to Protect and Modernize HPE NonStop through
ETI-NET’s suite of products
  10:30 Falk Dressler - CSX Group GmbH Maximizing NonStop: Tailored Solutions by CSX Software
  11:15 David Lock - comforte AG PCI and AI: how to implement PCI compliant Tokenisation on HPE
  14:00 Peter Grendel - abat+ GmbH Smart Manufacturing with HPE GreenLake powered by abat+
  14:45 Mike Mitsch - ETI-NET HPE MultiBatch Solutions: Modernizing and Protecting the NetBatch environment through a standardize migration template
for HPE NonStop
  Presentations to OpenVMS

Thilo Lauer

VMS Software, Inc (remote)

Proxmox – eine Alternative zu VMware (?)

Norm Lastovica

Software Concepts International

It's Slow! - Now What?

Hans Bachner / Stromasys

VAX and Alpha Emulators for x64
  14:45 Camiel Vanderhoeven - VSI Picking a hypervisor
  10:30 Dr. Moritz Kiese - d-fine AG EuroDaT the European Data Trustee
  11:15 Dennis Geisse - HPE Generative AI for Enterprise: Trustworthy & Private
  12:00 Vince Ebert NonIT Keynote "Big Dadaism"