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Monday, 27 April 2015
  NonStop Presentations

Workshop I - MQ V8 on NonStop: Features and Future

David Ward, IBM

Workshop II - New Possibilities for Hybrid Applications with NonStop X

Karen Copeland, Franz König, Hewlett-Packard
  Non NonStop Presentation

Workshop III - Modern OpenVMS Software Development with eCube

Gerrit Woertman, Business Generating Software B.V.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015
  NonStop Presentations
    NonStop vs. Linux - Win in a New Style of IT - better TCO & Higher Availability than Oracle RAC
Azucena Ubierna, Hewlett-Packard

NonStop Software Essentials Release 4.0

Marcus Pullen, Hewlett-Packard

Payment processing: need for change

Reinald Rau, EFP Unternehmensberatung GmbH
    HP Keynote - Create the future with the new style of business
Rupert Holzbauer, Hewlett-Packard
    NonStop Keynote - Why You Need NonStop Today More Than Ever
David McLeod, Hewlett-Packard

Welcome to "The Machine"

Peter Kraft, Hewlett-Packard

SWAN departs, Irene arrives, the rest remains the same

Wolfgang Rohm, DAFÜR GmbH
  Non NonStop Presentations

CockpitMgr for OpenVMS - Update

Johan Michiels

HP Integrity Superdome X

Siegfried Becker, Hewlett-Packard

Modern Big Data Architektur auf Hadop Basis

Hans-Jürgen Fuks, Hewlett-Packard

OpenVMS Keynote

Johan Gedda, VMS Software

Cloud Storage as a Service

Bernhard Müller, adARTIS e.K.

OpenVMS - Technical Update

Thilo Lauer, Hewlett-Packard

Integration of SAP HANA in the IT center

Rupert Holzbauer, Hewlett-Packard

Network Integration of OpenVMS with other systems

Colin Butcher, XDelta Limited

SAP HANA und Storage Anbindung

Marian Plappert, Hewlett-Packard
  Vendor Presentations
    SmartVista on NonStop, latest developments and enhancements
Stephen Peters, bpc Banking Technologies
    Strategies for Legacy Applications written in COBOL and TAL
Jürgen Overhoff, ITP-Panorama
    Optimization of HP Voltage Tokenization and Encryption for HP NonStop Systems
Andrew Price (XYPRO) &
Anna Russell (HP Security Voltage)
    Winning Against Internet Banking Fraud with HP Shadowbase Streams
Paul Holenstein, Gravic

Understanding Risk - When your business depends on card payments

Thomas Leeb, comForte

    OSS Security - What you need to know
Callum Barclay, CSP
Wednesday, 29 April 2015
  NonStop Presentations

NonStop Application Architecture Futures

Franz König, Hewlett-Packard

Pathway ACS to Run Applications Active/Active

Jan Uildriks, Rabobank
    ISVs and NonStop: a common future
Ulf Syversten, Hewlett-Packard

HP Integrity NonStop X

Prashanth Kamath, Hewlett-Packard

NonStop X - First User Impressions

Yash Kapadia, Opsol Integrators
  Non NonStop Presentations

Oracle Database and Oracle Rdb on OpenVMS - Product Updates

Kevin Duffy, Oracle

Intel Datacenter Solutions for the year of 2015

Dr. Feixiong Liu, INTEL


Oracle 11g and Rdb 7.3 - Future Highlights

Dr. Wolfgang Kobarg-Sachsse

Intel Xeon E7 Processor: Ideal Platform for
Mission Critical Applications & Business Analytics

Dr. Feixiong Liu, INTEL


Modern OpenVMS Software Development with eCube

Gerrit Woertman, Business Generating Software B.V.

Red Hat in a Mission Critical Standard Operating Environment

Jochen Chaloupka, Red Hat


Disaster tolerant clustering with OpenVMS

Colin Butcher, XDelta Limited

OpenVMS V8.4 - 1H1 performance

Colin Butcher, XDelta Limited

SAP HANA on Red Hat Enterprise Linux in a Mission Critical Environment

Markus Koch
  Vendor Presentations
    SmartVista, migration status and experiences Stephen Peters, bpc Banking Technologies
    FSS-CMS on HP NonStop Paul Chandler, FSS Technologies
    NonStop Application Modernization -
From the Ground-Up and from the User-In

Harry Scott, comForte

HP/Gravic Shadowbase Data Replication for Business Continuity, Integration, and Compliance

Paul Holenstein, Gravic Inc.


OpenVMS on X86, high availability at low cost

Arie de Groot, AVTware
    HP NonStop BackBox – When a Failure is not an option
Sylvain Tétreault, ETI-NET