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Sponsorship Packages   Exhibition Booths only
Booth 9 sqm, 3 Attendees,
Vendor Reception
Passport to Prizes
Vendor Presentation 45 min
(or 2 presentations per 25 min)
6.500 € Booth 6 sqm (64 sqft) 3.000 €
Booth 9 sqm (96 sqft) 4.500 €
Booth 6 sqm, 2 Attendees,
Vendor Reception
Passport to Prizes
Vendor Presentation 25 min
5.000 €  
Booth 6 sqm, 1 Attendee,
Vendor Reception
Passport to Price
3.500 €
Table All booths are provided with a semi-transparent back panel and a front panel with company name, table or counter or bar table (please choose), two chairs, one shelf for brochures and three spotlights included. Other equipment or larger booth on request.
Bar table
Option: printing front panel with company logo
(generic eps required until 1 August 2020)
150 €
Option: printing of the 3 x 0,75 m back panel with corporate design.
(pdf/X3 required until 1 August 2020). The file needs to be the original size and needs to
include 5mm bleed. Each graphic needs to be separate, i.e. do not create a multipage document.
350 €
  Additional artwork will be charged per hour 100 €

Additional Sponsorship Options   Fees
Vendor Reception 800 € Up to 2 Attendees (enter quantity)
Conference fees for vendors with booth only
600 €
Coffee Break, each 500 € Further Attendees (enter quantity)
Conference fees for vendors with Sponsorship Package or booth only

500 €
Lanyard printed with your company
logo (limited availability)
1.000 € Vendor Presentation(s) 25 min
(enter quantity)
1.000 €
Passport to Prizes 200 €
On request only:

Breakout rooms for pre or post meetings.
Special sponsored events like guided tours
in Berlin or nearby, usw.

For spouse(s) or guest(s) only:
Vendor Reception (enter quantity)

50 €

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Tax: all prizes excluding VAT, the German sales tax of 16% is compulsory for all registrations worldwide.
Invoice will be issued after registration. Method of payment: wire bank transfer - no credit cards accepted.

Cancellation policy: cancellation is possible at any time.


In case of cancellation of the event, for reasons beyond our control, due to force majeure or lack of participation that does not permit to economically execute the program, GTUG cannot be made liable to execute the event. In such a case all fees will be refunded. GTUG is not liable for any other expenses nor covers any compensation.

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